Why should you switch to Solar?

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Why should you switch to Solar?

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Save Money with Solar

One thing is for sure: the price you pay your utility for electricity will continue to go up. In fact , if your current electric bill is $100 each month, at the end of 20 years you will end up paying your utility more than $30,000. With solar power systems, the electricity you generate is free. So depneding on the size of the sysem you install, you
will significantly reduce, if not completely eliminate your monthly electric bill for the next 25 to 30 years.
And that $30,000 that would have gone to your utility, now ends up on your pocket.

Solar is a Great Investment

Solar is a great way to invest your money. In fact, it has many advantages over more traditional investments. Solar panels can deliver returns between 10% & 30% which is on par, if not slightly better, than traditional investments. One key difference with solar is that most of your returns are in form of savings not income so they aren’t taxable. Depending on your tax bracket, this could mean an additional 25-30% more money that actually ends up in your bank account. Solar is also a relatively low risk investment. Because your returns are equal to what you are saving each month, they are practically guaranteed. Effectively, solar is a low risk, solid reward proposition,
making it an attractive option to include in your overall investment portfolio.

Solar is affordable

Today, solar is affordable for almost everyone. If you can afford your current monthly electric bill, you can afford to go solar. Over the past 5 years, solar panel prices have dropped more than 80% and rebates, incentive, & tax breaks can drive the net cost of your solar power system down even further often between 30 to 50% less. It’s not even
necessarry to spend any money upfront. Flexible financing options such as solar loans, solar leases and PPA
most with zero down options make it possible for almost everyone to go solar. And more often than not, your monthly loan or lease payment will be less than you current electric bill, so you will start saving money as soon as your solar panels are installed.

Solar is easy to live with

Another great quality of solar panel systems is that they are really easy to live with. They require little to no maintenance over the enitre 20-30 years lifespan and the parts have long warranties.
They also increase the value of your home.

For all the reasons we have talked about so far, solar panels make your home more attractive to buyers. Recent studies have shown that a home equipped with solar panels will sell at premium over similar homes in the neighborhood. And it will sell twice as fast

Solar is good for the World

There is one last point to consider for the benefits solar provides to the people around you. Solar is actually making the world a better place. Obviously, there are the environmental benefits. The average home solar PV system avoids more than 140 tons of carbon emissions over its lifespan. That’s roughtly the same as planting more than 3000 trees.

Solar also helps the economy.  Over the next 10 years, solar and other clean energies are expected to add 3-5 million jobs in Australia. Finally, by reducing the demand for foreign oil, solar provides a pathway to Australia’s energy independence.

Now that you understand the value solar power delivers, its time to start shopping. Before you book an appointment, if you’d like to start with some approximate numbers on estimated solar costs and savings, try our amazing solar calculator below.

Get an instant estimate for your solar savings potential!
Based on your roof + actual offers in your area

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