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BYO Solar will get you a large solar system at half the cost

How it works.. 3 simple steps

1. Select the System Size ( if unsure try our Design Tool Click here)
2. Select your local installer ( if unsure we will assist you)
3. Start saving on your ever increasing electricity costs or eliminate them

By eliminating middlemen you can save literally thousands of dollars without compromising on quality, solar generation and future savings.

1. You can select you solar system size (say 6KW ) from hand picked ranges on our web site. If you are unsure what is the correct size of system for your home and whether roof has enough space use our design tool. You can also request a Free Solar Report from us before deciding the solar system size

2 Once you pick your solar system, you can contact any of CEC accredited installers from CEC webiste or from our panel of installers who are in your area. Installer can bring your solar system and install on your roof following CEC safety standards. This will guarantee you that your installation is high quality installation that meets safety and performance standards.

3. We provide the paperwork support and get you connected to the grid for FREE



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