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  • Gas supply shortage will threaten nation's power supplies,
    Difficult choice looming

    Mr Cleary said hard choices could confront Australia unless there was new gas production. "If we use the gas for electricity, the potential for shortfalls are in the domestic and the industrial [supplies]. If we use it in industrial and domestic, the shortfalls will be in electricity," he said..... More
  • ​Australia's electricity ‘to be dominated by renewables’ in 25 years

    Renewable energy in Australia will outrun conventional means such as fossil fuels by 2040, accounting for 59 percent of electricity generation, according to energy analysts.... More
  • Australia: Rooftop solar subsidies appear safe, storage program launched

    Signals from the Australian Federal Government appear to indicate that rooftop solar will remain free from subsidy cuts. Program to trial solar plus storage at new housing development announced.... More
  • Australian capital government sets sights on 100% renewables by 2025

    As Australia’s national politicians continue their bitter dispute over the country’s espousal of renewable energy, the government of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is setting its sights on reaching 100% renewable energy generation by 2025.... More
  • Australia approaches 1.5 million residential rooftop PV installations

    The number of small-scale solar PV panel installations on residential rooftops in Australia has reached 1,441,876, with 74,756 installed so far this year, according to Australia's Clean Energy Regulator.... More
  • What solar markets around the world look like in 2015

    Solar power has gained international attention as one of the best clean-energy options available. In the United States, as in Australia and Germany, solar is used as a means to reduce carbon footprints and escape costly energy bills. In developing countries, solar offers unprecedented ease of access and affordability..... More
  • Australian commercial PV market hits new high

    As the Australian solar market completes its transition from a feed-in tariff driven market to one based on the economic competitiveness of PV, the commercial rooftop sector continues to thrive. Figures released today from Green Energy Markets reveal that commercial installations hit an all time monthly high in July, with the residential rooftop market remaining stable..... More

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