Solar batteries and Storage

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Install a Trinabess today and reduce the money you put in your energy suppliers pocket



With Trina Solar Panels, now the pack comes with Trina Hybrid inverter or AC Controller for retrofit installs. Installing battery will get the best out of solar electricity, and a huge step towards energy independence. Thus maximising the return on your solar investment, by empowering you with emergency power supplies when there is a blackout.

What we offer

  • Installation

    Start with small battery of 2.4 kWh. We can install within a week ( in most areas ) within half a day.

  • Backed by Trina

    Fully backed by support of world’s most well known Solar Company Trina.

  • Retrofit battery

    Already have solar we just add retrofit battery system without changing anything.

Battery usage explained

The 6 "watts?" of Solar batteries answered

  • What’s the price?

    You could export most of solar electricity and earn more money now by using batteries cleverly. It is easy to start small, even with just 2.4KWHr and keep adding when needed and when affordable

  • Whats’s the battery chemistry?

    Battery installation has become more viable, affordable and attractive as well (unlike lead acid batteries, Lithium Ion batteries last far longer and deliver more kWhs (units) during its lifetime.)

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