How to go solar in three steps?

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How to go solar in three steps?

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process for going solar

Going solar can seem like a daunting and complicated process, but to simplify things, you can break it down into 3 main steps:

  1. Deciding if solar is right for you
  2. Evaluate real solar quotes, and
  3. Ultimately making a smart decision.

Here’s an easy framework to walk you through the process:

Step 1: Decide if solar is right for you
The first step on your solar journey has nothing to do with actually installing panels on your property. Before any of that, it’s important to understand whether you are a good candidate for solar. We know, we know…as a solar company, you’d think we’d recommend solar panels to everyone, right? In reality, solar may or may not be the right energy choice for you depending on how much electricity you use and the type of property you have.

Our Solar Calculator can provide an estimate of your savings potential with solar panels based on your unique roof, geographic location, average electricity bill, and solar production. These estimates can help you get a better sense of how much you can save with solar.

Step 2: Evaluate solar quotes

Once you’ve decided that solar is a viable option for your property, it’s time to start looking at real offers based on your usage & budget. Like any important purchase, it’s smart to shop around and compare your options to make sure you’re getting the right system for a fair price.

With Imminent Solar Australia, you can easily receive quotes (for free!) from our qualified team of solar consultants.

Solar installation quotes often have a lot of information regarding equipment, financing options, system design, and, of course, the company doing the installation. Because there are many parts to a solar quote, you need to make sure you’re looking at the most important parts with a critical eye. That’s why we recommend you should talk to our solar consultants to make your decision as straightforward as possible.

Step 3: Choose a solar quote & start the installation process
When you’re comfortable with our quote, we will help you to move forward and sign on the dotted line to kick your solar project off.

Once you sign the contract, we’ll finalize your system design, handle any permitting required by your city or utility company and, soon enough, be on-site installing your solar panel system. Solar panel installations generally follow five major steps:

1. Engineering site visit
2. Rebates application process and documentation
3. Ordering equipment
4. Solar panel installation
5. Approval and connection

You can learn more about each of these steps when you speak with our team.

The best way to go solar? Book an appointment now!
We make sure your solar journey is as easy as possible. The solar quote has all the assumptions, making it transparent and easy way to make a decision. If you’d like to start with some approximate numbers on estimated solar costs and savings, try our amazing solar calculator below.

Get an instant estimate for your solar savings potential!
Based on your roof + actual offers in your area
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