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Head quartered in Melbourne, we service both residential and commercial properties all across New South Wales, Western Australia & Queensland. Contact us today to start your transition to solar.

Imminent Solar Australia Pty Ltd
 Street address : Unit 12 134 Springvale Road Springvale Vic 3171
 Postal Address : PO Box 2061 Moorabbin PO Vic 3189

Privacy Policy

1. Your Trust is of the Utmost Importance To Us, and We Will Never Betray It
You have chosen to trust us with your personal identity and contact data. We understand what an awesome responsibility that is, and we promise to never do anything to let you down or betray your trust.

2. Your Contact Data and Your Contact Record are Yours
You are in control of your contact data and your personal contact profile. You can decide what information to produce and believe that no third party is able to view your information.

3. Your Private Data is Private
We consider your private contact data to be privileged information and we will never sell, rent or lease your private contact data.

4. Your Data is Protected
We will always strive to keep your data and contact information safe and secure. And also assure you that it will not be misused.

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